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Scratch with WeDo on Linux -- distro-specific issues

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Hello folks,
I am a middle-school teacher working on integrating Scratch with LEGO WeDo systems, on Linux. 
(I have previously used Scratch+WeDo on Windows, but I'm hoping to start using Linux so that I can re-purpose old computers, plus encourage more educators and parents to try Linux with kids.)
BUT...I am having trouble, I think, getting the LEGO WeDo USB connection to be recognized consistently through Linux.
I have recently obtained a Raspberry Pi, which came with a Raspbian distro (Debian Wheezy) , and the included Scratch 1.4 version worked right away with the WeDo USB connection. Yay!
However, not so much luck with another version of Linux on some laptops that I tried.
As you may know, in Scratch, there are some special functions (program blocks) that interact with the WeDo motor and sensors through the special WeDo USB hub. The documentation that I can find says that Scratch will show these special function blocks only when the WeDo USB hub is active/recognized. (One can force-display the blocks through a menu option, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll work).

I installed the Ubermix (Ubuntu) distro on 2 old-ish Dell Latitude D610's, and the WeDo USB connection does NOT seem to be working/recognized on either laptop. (The special blocks do not appear in Scratch 1.4, nor does any sensor or motor work, even if I make the blocks appear by using the menu, then put them in a program. And yes, I tried both motor and sensors, & all of the USB ports.)
Anyone got clues to help me?
Maybe I should just try another kid-friendly distro?
(Anyone tried Edubuntu or DoudouLinux?)
I figure it's  USB drivers or hardware config or permissions or something, but I am NOT at all an expert with Linux and I don't have that much time. I can edit config files, etc, if I have instructions. I also have a few Linux-loving friends who I can call upon if needed, but I'd like to have first done whatever research I can. (*see below)  Also, I cannot really advocate for other teachers to try this if it's not fairly easy. but if there is a fairly simple fix, I'd be happy to help make sure it gets spread around.
I do have a deadline of sorts -- trying to have this working for demos at a Maker Faire in May 2014.

Any help appreciated!

~ Ms. G in Texas

* Here are all the web clues I have found so far:
Re: No support for LEGO WeDo in Scratch on Linux (scratch team mailing list archive):
Scratch in Debian (Miriam Ruiz blog):
Lego Wedo & Scratch (Raspberry Pi forums):
Scratch and GPIO (Raspberry Pi forums):
Scratch to hardware API: call for discussions (Raspberry Pi forums):
Thanks, Sjoerd,
...but alas, adding that file didn't work.

This is similar to the solution discussed at so I was really hopeful.
Where did you get this info?
(Looks like you pasted from somewhere)

I made sure the file permissions were the same as other files in the rules.d directory, in case that mattered. (and spent a little time understanding the need to use "sudo" to do eveything in this Ubuntu distro.)

Is there any easy way to tell what USB devices/drivers are installed or detected?

Time to call my Linux friends, I guess.
I'll keep y'all posted.
I'm using Debian and this worked for me.

Did you restart udev or alternatively, did you restart the computer?

Hopefully you get it fixed.

Sjoerd Dirk
 Please try this:

Functionality can be restored
by installing the following file  /etc/udev/rules.d/99-wedo.rules with
the following content:

ATTRS{idVendor}=="0694", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb",
ACTION=="add", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"

Got it all running fine in Debian (thanks to a friend), with the ".rules" fix.

Still no idea how to get it going in Ubuntu -- my friend was unfamiliar/wary of Ubuntu and felt it easier just to install Debian.
Anyone who ever reads this & wants to suggest something else to try for Ubuntu, I'd be willing to try.

Thanks to the GNU/Linux & OSS community, as always, for having stuff that works, with options & people who support it.

We introduced dozens of kids to Linux, along with Scratch, at the Austin Mini Maker Faire.
(see here)

~ Ms. G
Hi Ms. G,

I'm using the solution that Sjoerd proivded further up with the 99-wedo.rules file.  So far, it's been very repeatable on 3 different PCs running Ubunut Linux 12.04 (32-bit) using Scratch 1.4 (non-web of course).  I'm impressed with how well it works across my different PCs.  I can attempt to walk you through it on Ubuntu.

BTW, I'm strongly preferring Scratch over the software provided by Lego.