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New to Scratch?


Resource Name


What is Scratch?

Intro to Scratch video

A brief introductory video about Scratch. The video illustrates the creative possibilities of Scratch with a wide range of examples, and a demo of Scratch's basic mechanics.

What is Scratch?
What is good Scratch?
What is Scratch good for?

Four questions about Scratch webinar

A webinar with Mitch Resnick and Karen Brennan that shares the what, how, and why of Scratch.

How do I use the online community?

Exploring the Scratch website webinar

In this webinar, Karen Brennan discusses the Scratch website and strategies for using it as a resource for the classroom.

What are the big ideas underlying Scratch? 

Creating with Scratch
Learning with Scratch
Programming with Scratch

Three one-page summaries of creating, learning, and programming with Scratch.

How do I make a project?

Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step introduction to creating your first interactive project.

Scratch Cards

A set of twelve cards that introduce Scratch through code excerpts.

Scratch Tutorial Videos

Inspired by the Scratch Cards, a set of five short, introductory video tutorials.

My First Scratch Project webinar

Get started making your very first Scratch project in this step-by-step recorded webinar.